Onze Klimzaal

Klimzaal Blok has been servicing the climbing community of belgium since 1994. It was the first bouldering only gym in the Benelux and is still one of the largest bouldering gyms in Belgium. The most well known feature of the gym is the massive globe as well as it’s variety of wall angles.
Onze Zaal:
– 500m2 af klimmen
– Max 4.5m hoog
– 300m2 dikke valmatten
– 130+ Problemen
– Rangen van 3+ tot 8a
Our vision is to create a welcoming space that offers exciting climbing for everyone. Whether that be hardcore climbers or someone trying it for the experience. We endevour to create climbs which both challenging and insightful. We don’t create climbs to defeat you but to empower you.