House rules

  • all visitors have to sign in at the reception and follow the house rules of Klimzaal Blok
  • changing is done in the changing rooms
  • smoking or vaping inside is forbidden
  • discrimination or sexual intimidation of any kind will not be tolerated, please report at the bar

  • Watch the other climbers!
  • Keep your distance from climbers
  • Playing, running and other not climbing related activities are not allowed on the mats!
  • discomfort or bad luck, please report at the bar
  • climbing on top of the wall is not allowed
  • Don’t wear jewelry while bouldering
  • it is forbidden to drink alcohol before or during bouldering

  • 6-11years only with parental attendants
  • +12years can boulder by themselves

  • Keep it clean and neat
  • First aid is available at the bar
  • no chalkbags or other stuff underneath climbers
  • Use chalk moderately

  • dogs are allowed but on the leash

Food and drinks
  • bringing your own food is allowed
  • throw trash in the correct trashcan