Blok Open 2017

This year’s BLOK OPEN was a blast! 🙂

Many thanks to all great sponsors for powering our competition once again, setters & testers who dedicated their time, creativity and energy to shaping this comp into another epic one, all fantastic volunteers for helping us making Blok a bouldering paradise, also MANY thanks go out to the BEST CREW in the world ,to Jan and his sister, who made us a delicious lunch and dinner throughout the day and of course all climbers and supporters who contributed to the awesome atmosphere ! THANKS!!

A special shoutout to Gareth, who has been showing us new ways in setting and improving our beloved gym for the last 2 years!
Thank you so much Mr G! you will be missed here and we all wish you the very best with your new challenges!

you are LEGEND -…wait for it…- DARY !

As for the results, we witnessed some of the finest bouldering through all 3 sessions and finals which came down to the following winners;

1 Lucie Watillon
2 Nore Pellens
3 Tine Walravens

1 Wandert Vandeputte
2 Van Duysen Hannes
3 Victor Duron & Ferre Beirens

1 Cathinka Tilborghs
2 Magali Hayen
3 Mathilde Therasse

1 Rob Denayer
2 Lukas Franckaert
3 Thomas Salakenos

The rest of the results >>> results BLOK OPEN 2017

pictures >>>



And see you all in Blok or on the next BLOK OPEN



Annual BIG open bouldercompetition in Klimzaal Blok for youth and adults!
3 sessions+FINALS…

Jaarlijkse GROTE open boulderwedstrijd in Klimzaal Blok voor jeugd en volwassenen!
3 sessies + FINALE…

9:00 – 12:00 => jeugd -16j m/v & +16j m/v max 60 deelnemers
12:15 – 15:15 => +16j m/v max 60 deelnemers
15:30 – 18:30 => +16j m/v max 60 deelnemers
20:00 – 21:00 => finale

Entry fee : €20