Blok Challenge 2017!

All 3 rounds of our Blok Challenge 2017 are done! It was a pleasure to see everyone enjoy, work and sweat in the competition, with a big turnup!

We have counted and recounted all scores and we are finally ready to share them with you!

For the ladies, we will have the top 5 from the Challenge competing in the mutant finals for 6 worldcup-style judged boulder problems on 22/04/2017; for the men the top 10 goes on to the mutant finals where they will also encounter 6 worldcup-style judged boulder problems.

All other competitors -even those who did not compete in the previous rounds- are welcome to the human finals on the same day as well (22/04/2017).

They will all encounter no less than 20! fresh boulder problems to work out in 1! afternoon in the same system as the 3 previous rounds.

keep on training folks!

Train Hard, Have Fun!

Results LADIES

Results MEN

Because of the ex aequo with the men on place 10, there will be 11 beasts invited for the mutant finals!!